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Ceyhinz Link International Inc. is one of the world’s largest suppliers of cultivation solutions with clean, controllable, 100% natural coir-based substrates and ecological restoration solutions. Our RIOCOCO brand Coir substrates utilize the natural properties of processed coir fiber, pith, and fractions of coconuts grow in Sri Lanka.

Since the company’s inception in 19 years ago, we have been manufacturing world-class coir substrate products from our facilities in Sri Lanka. Our use of the highest quality fresh raw materials, which were produced by nature and combined with state-of-the-art technologies and equipment, enables us to produce the highest quality coir substrate products. Our headquarters is located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex of Texas, U.S.A. We currently have branch offices and distributors in 64 countries across the globe, spanning six continents.

At Ceyhinz Link International, we have taken a quantum leap into the future of this industry. Our around-the-clock R & D programs in our analytical and microbiology laboratory with ongoing research in the world-class greenhouses in different climate conditions in many parts of the world is the key to develop the next generation coir substrate growing media mixes for different crop types. RIOCOCO brand is recognized as the most reliable, highest quality coir substrate brand in the world by many low, medium and high-tech growing operations around the world. With over 2000 workers around the world, we are leading the 100% organic, clean and controllable coir substrate industry into a new era.

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Growing strawberries in coco coir- Choose RIOCOCO to buy coir substrate at affordable price


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Nice balance between water holding capacity and oxygen levels at the roots. Not all suppliers are as capable as Riococo of supplying this uniform and consistent product on such a large scale, twice a year



Director of Windset Farms

We want to grow premium vegetables year round. The Japanese consumers are willing to buy these products as well, since they trust our quality. We have the same trust in our suppliers and ever since we’ve switched to Riococo grow bags, I’ve never gone back

Taizo Sano

Taizo Sano

Co-Founder SARA, Japan

Our specialists in Mexico advise growers on their crop strategy. Substrate is an essential part of this. We already have rock wool blocks and germ plugs in our assortment and now with the coconut substrate slabs we can offer the complete substrate assortment. We were looking for a reliable partner for this and we found it in Ceyhinz

Ben Sosef

Ben Sosef

Branch Manager Royal Brinkman Mexico
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