Welcome to the #bus support channel website

#bus is a live chat channel for those who self-injure. Feel free to browse the site – there is a fair amount going on here, and more gets added all the time. Feel free to join us in #bus chat if you’re having, or have had issues with self-injury.Please remember we are not trained professionals, we are a community of people who have, are having, or have had problems with self injury. If you are suicidal, please call your local emergency services or doctor. For a list of contacts please click HERE

A few things first

While using the chat-room we want people to feel safe and not intimidated by the potential graphic nature of what other members might say or want to discuss. To that end, we have our chat-room guidelines #bus Guidelines. Please read these either before you join us, or while you’re here.

If you wish to discuss something in-depth and feel it might make some uncomfortable, ask in the channel first. Say you want to talk to someone and get their opinion or advice on a subject but you feel it might be a bit too graphic, or intense (in other words, you think someone might be upset by it)

If someone is able to talk with you personally or even have an open discussion in the channel about it, they’ll say that they’re happy to discuss it in private message or even in the channel itself.

Never feel like a subject is flat out not allowed. Ask first! 🙂