The live-chat link isn’t working. Is there another way to get into the chat?

  • 1. Go to www.mibbit.com
  • 2. To the right of the frog, there’s a line that says “Want to try Mibbit without an account? Launch app”. Click on the “Launch App” link.
  • 3. There is a drop down menu next to the word “Connect:” Scroll through that menu until you find “ShadowFire [webirc], and select it.
  • 4. Enter the nickname you want to use in the box next to the word “Nick:”
  • 5. Enter “#bus si” into the box next to the word “Channel:”
  • 6. Click on the button that says “Connect”.

What is a SOP?

SOP stands for super-operator. They are the moderators of the channel and can be identified by the key or “&” symbol. These are the people to talk to if you’re having chat-related problems.

What is an OP?

OPs are people who have been around for a while and shown themselves to be able to follow the rules. They have the ability to keep the channel safe and usable when a SOP is not available. Operator status is given at the discretion of the SOPs, and is identified by the star or “@” symbol.

What is voice?

Voice is given to allow you to speak if the room is moderated. Moderation gives SOPs control over who can or cannot speak in main, which allows us to prevent persons who are causing trouble from speaking for a time while we deal with the issue.

How do I change my nickname?

You can change your nick in channel by typing:

/nick nickyouwanthere

And then hitting enter

How do I do actions? (or “the red text” as it appears in mibbit)


/me does something

What do you talk about?

We talk about a wide range of subjects from self-injury and family life to our pets or favorite flavor of jello. We often entertain multiple conversations at once, so if there’s something you’d like to talk about just jump in!

What do those abbreviations mean?

Here’s a short list of commonly seen abbreviations:

  • wb= welcome back
  • tc = take care
  • si/sh= self-injury/self-harm
  • t = therapist
  • pdoc = psychiatric doctor
  • dx = diagnosis
  • ed = eating disorder

Why do some nicks have blue men next to them and some have green men?

The green-shirted men indicate people who are also using mibbit. The blue shirted men indicate people who are using different clients to connect to chat.

I’m uncomfortable with the conversation in main, what do I do?

If you’re uncomfortable with what’s being talked about, feel free to ask the channel if they would be willing to change the subject. Sometimes others will agree or be willing to change the subject or take the convo to PM. Other times, if the convo is within the guidelines, they may wish to continue it. Please understand that while it may be upsetting to you, someone else may need to talk about it and not have anywhere else to do so; try not to take it personally. In this case you should find a way to keep yourself safe. Some possibilities would be to ask to PM someone so you’re not reading main for a while, leave the channel using /part and ask someone to PM you when the topic has changed, or you could use the /ignore command to ignore the people talking about it for a while (in some irc programs).

How do I use the ignore command?

This varies by client. If you’re using Mibbit (the live chat link on our site), click on the nickname of the person you wish to ignore in the sidebar on the right. A menu will drop down with a few different options; select ignore. Lines by the person whose nickname you typed or selected will no longer show up in chat for you.

To take someone off ignore in Mibbit click on their nickname in the sidebar and select unignore, and their lines will show up in main chat again.

Be warned, though: having a SOP on ignore is NOT an acceptable excuse for not complying with their requests.

What is PM?

PM means private message; it is a way to communicate with someone outside of the main chat.

How do I PM?

Firstly make sure you have recieved permission from the person you want to PM, by asking in main and waiting for a response. Then you can open a PM window by either double clicking on the person’s nick in the nick list off to the right of the main chat window, or clicking once on the person’s nick and then selecting “PM” from the drop down menu.

How are the sops chosen?

SOPs are chosen from channel members. They are not trained professionals. They are people with issues of their own who volunteer their time to keep the channel a safe place.

How do the SOPs make decisions?

When possible, SOP decisions are made as a group. There are times, however, when an individual SOP needs to take action in order to keep the channel safe. When this is the case, logs of the event are sent to the other SOPs and it is discussed as a team. Also, all decisions that do not require immediate action are voted on and decided as a team.