We are a peer-based self-harm and mental health support chat. Our goal is to provide a safe place where people can feel less alone and talk to others with similar experiences and struggles. Our foundation is self-harm support, but we discuss a wide range of things and anyone struggling with mental health issues is welcome to come chat.

Generally speaking, we are pro-recovery; however you do not have to be ready to make changes to join #bus, and many of our members aren’t. Within the “pro-recovery” mindset, we do ask that you not discourage others from seeking help.

None of the moderators or members are acting in this channel as trained professionals.This chat is not meant to be a substitute for professional help.
We are not a suicide resource. If you are feeling actively suicidal we ask that you seek help elsewhere; the people in this chat aren’t trained to help in such situations. Please visit the emergency contacts page if you find yourself in this situation.


  1. The SOPs (moderators) maintain the final decision on what is or isn’t appropriate for main. If you’re asked to change the subject or refrain from a behavior, please remember that their job is to keep the channel safe for everybody and their request isn’t personal.
  2. For legal reasons everyone must be at least 13 years of age, and we reserve the right to ask anyone under 14 to seek help elsewhere.
  3. Get permission in main before PMing (private messaging) others. The only exception to this is that you may PM a SOP regarding a guideline violation without asking permission first, and the SOP will help you if they are able. A SOP may likewise PM any member regarding a guideline issue without prior permission.
  4. Avoid using descriptors that are likely to be triggering, including but not limited to:
    * Descriptions of self-injury such as: what it looks like, how many times, the tool used, etc.
    * Overly violent language or detailed descriptions of abuse – which may bring up bad memories for others.
    * Numbers regarding weight, clothing sizes, or calories.
    * Specific amounts, or methods pertaining to drug or substance abuse.
    * If you need to discuss issues in more detail, don’t be afraid to ask someone to PM (private message) you. Just get permission and check that they’re ok with the subject first.
  5. Do not interfere with the supportive environment of the room. Actions such as: spamming, harassing or insulting others, name calling, making derogatory remarks, or mocking someone discussing their issues are absolutely not allowed. This is not an exhaustive list — just don’t be a jerk.
  6. Do not make threats or announcements that you’re going to hurt (or kill) yourself or others. This leaves people feeling helpless and upset.
  7. Do not self-injure whilst in the channel.
  8. Sexual content is prohibited: including jokes, innuendo, sexual behavior, etc. Please keep in mind that many people have sexual abuse issues and that there are minors in the chat.
  9. Discussions on religion and politics are discouraged since they tend to start fights.
  10. Be respectful.
  11. This is meant to be a community based on trust, so please don’t lie or fabricate events. If you’re uncomfortable answering a question just say you’d rather not respond.
  12. Please choose a nickname that is not offensive, derogatory, SI (self-injury), ED (eating disorder), or drug related. If a SOP asks you to change your nick, don’t be offended — just change to something more neutral.
  13. Please do not share things that are said in chat with others outside of #bus.
  14. If you need help or are upset and want to talk, try to say so openly. No one will know how you’re feeling unless you tell them, and trying to hint at it to get people to ask more is generally ineffective. Ultimately, you’re responsible for communicating what you need.

If your conversation is making others uncomfortable, you may be asked to take the discussion to #elsewhere; if this happens, the conversation is to end in the main chat. You can join the room by typing /join #elsewhere. (Note: This is for civil conversations that may need to be moved out of main. It is NOT for fighting, graphic descriptions of self harm, pro-selfharm/suicide talk, etc.)