Live Chat

This is the live chat page. Please familiarise yourself with our >>guidelines<< before you enter the chat room.

These guidelines are here for the protection of everyone in the chat room.

To enter the live chat, click the picture below; the live chat will open in its own window, so you can continue to browse the site.


What all the symbols and things on Mibbit mean

If you have any issues in chat, please talk to those with or symbol by their nickname.

An example of the default Mibbit user list that you will see:

But what do those symbols mean?!

– If you see this, that is the person who owns the channel. This is one of the people you speak to if you have any problems.

– This is a SOP. These are the chat room Moderators. These are the people you speak to if you have any problems.

– These are people who have generally been around the chatroom for a long time. Given to people who are known to observe the rules and are trustworthy.

– This means “voice”. People are almost always given this. If the room is moderated to prevent people causing trouble, people with this symbol can still chat to others with this symbol, or any of the above symbols.

Using something other than Mibbit to chat?

These symbols are very common in alot of chat programs / clients:~ – channel owner

& – sop

@ – op

v – voice