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The 4 topmost benefits of buying the strawberry growbags

RIOCOCO presents 100% natural, lightweight, renewable, and biodegradable strawberry growbags that function as a highly effective organic pest removal medium.

The unique technique of cultivating crops in growing bags is being practiced for ages, and nowadays turned into a sustainable trend for agronomists. The formerly used woven baskets and mesh bags have transformed into eco-friendly and biodegradable sacs that are made with 100% organic and renewable coconut coir substrate or fiber. These plant-growing bags are super-washed five times in both fresh and brine water to obtain the optimum water retaining capabilities. Likewise, such eco-friendly handmade plant grow bags are exclusively graded and fabricated with coco peat and coco coir slabs. RIOCOCO, the one-stop platform catering to completely natural coir-based products furnishes biodegradable strawberry growbags that delivers expedited growth medium.

Order 100% organic growing bags for strawberries that are fully biodegradable

Here are certainly vital aspects of the growing bags used for cultivating strawberries:

  1. Enhanced Porosity with Minimized Salt-Ion Ratio

Handmade with 100% organic coconut coir fiber, the plant growbags for cultivating strawberries possess enhanced absorptive qualities, hence furnishing increased breathability and permeability. Such eco-friendly bags for the crops come with up to 10 times water of its weight, as it offers a stringent fivefold super-washing process in both fresh and salty water for several months.

Delivering optimally functional absorbency levels, such plant growing bags assist in proportionately distributing the essential 30% aeration supply to the root system. Moreover, such growbags also help the roots to store all the vital micronutrients from the soil-based or aquaculture technique of cultivation. In addition, such growing bags for strawberries consist of a low rate of salt ions, hence averting the noxious chemicals of chlorine and boron from damaging the roots.

  1. Completely Organic and Recyclable Lightweight Growbags

As these plant growbags or sacs are fabricated with 100% OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) certified material, thus they are completely organic and offer increased sustainability to the strawberry crops. In addition, such one-of-a-kind green starter bags are created through a rigorous five-stage super-washing procedure. Besides, these growbags are specifically modeled for reaching the optimum level of air-filled porosity (AFP) and water-holding capacity (WHC), hence proving to be the best for procreating strawberries.

Moreover, the exclusively blended growbags can be ordered from RIOCOCO in assorted varieties of PCM OTBs (Open Top Bags), and PCM CTBs (Close Top Bags). Such extremely lightweight bags are completely compact, recyclable, and biodegradable for consecutive stages of strawberry cultivation, while do not need any chemical fillers for growth.

  1. Chemical-Free Pest Management Medium

The coir-based growbags for cultivating strawberries offer unique germicidal properties, thanks to their exclusive anti-fungal and anti-bacterial attributes. Thus, such top-of-the-line organic plant growing bags or sacs act as a highly effective organic pest management medium, safeguarding the root system, without using any chemical insecticide.

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  1. Protect the Root System from Torridity and Swamping

In addition, the growbags for strawberries also help to suitably modulate the level of heat in its interiors, hence negating the issues of overheating the roots. Furnishing a completely porous structure, such sacs or bags can readily disperse the excess heat from the root network, and maintain the optimal temperature for the effective growth of the strawberries. Again, the 100% organic coco peat or coir substrate growbags also easily remove the stress of inundation or overwatering, hence appropriately protecting the roots from decaying.

In A Nutshell 

RIOCOCO asserts its essence as the finest supplier of completely biodegradable strawberry growbags made with 100% organic coir substrate or fiber. Such highly effective natural plant growing bags deliver sustainability and can be ordered in weather-proof and UV-protected sacs. Available in various sizes and heights, they can be easily adapted according to the specific dimensions of the strawberry plants. Functioning as a superb organic fertilizer, it also helps to hydroponically grow the strawberries for delicious taste and increased yields.

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